March Madness

March Madness
March Madness

For the past few months I have been pushing myself by participating in a few events in the kidlit community.

I did PiBoIdMo in November and successfully thought of 30 new picture book ideas.

I am a participant in the 12 x 12 challenge for 2012. I admit that I didn’t complete a manuscript for February, but even if I miss a couple of months, I will still have some new picture book drafts by 2013.

I signed up for the Dummy Challenge on KidLit Art. It has a great sense of community and helps guide you through what it takes to put together a picture book dummy.

And right now I am participating in March Madness.

March Madness is a great event hosted by Ed DeCaria over at Think Kid Think. The short version of the competition as Eric Ode described it, “Here’s a word. Use it in a poem. You have 36 hours to post. Go!”  

What makes it  madness? With 64 participants this means 126 new children’s poems will be created in just 21 days!

I highly recommend that any poets sign up if March Madness is held again next year. As for now, you should head over and vote for some of your favourite poems!

If you missed the link before, here it is.


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