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3 Things Fashion Taught Me About Writing

FashionI love flipping through fashion magazines. I love the articles, the ads, the product samples and of course, the fashion. Fashion is addicting, complex and just like writing, fashion is an art. So, what can even the writer that favours sweat pants learn from fashion?

1.“OMG! Look at her shirt, it is sooo yesterday.”

Fashion: What’s in today is out tomorrow. The trends in the fashion world are famous for moving at lightning speed and if you try to keep up, both your head and wallet will probably explode.

Lesson: Don’t try to ride the trend wave. Paranormal is really hot right now, but in the next year or two, it may very well be passé. By the time you write a novel for this trend, find a publisher (Providing you find one at all, since I assume many editors probably gag at the just the mention of a vampire) and wait out the year(s) until the company publishes it, chances are the trend will be long gone and readers will have latched on to something new. J.K Rowling didn’t try to ride the trend wave and she ended up creating a trend tsunami. Statistically, you probably won’t be the force behind the next trendy topic, but isn’t it nice to dream?


2.“That is so cute. Where is it from?”

Fashion: If people like what you’re wearing, they’re going to want to know where you got it, so they can get their own.

 Lesson: If people read something they really like, may it be an article, an essay, a book etc., chances are they’re going to want to know where they can get more.  This is where the tangled web of social networking comes in. Do you have to be one every single networking site? Absolutely not. Read up on and/or try out a few different networking sites, see what you like best and then pick a couple. At the end of the day, it’s your writing that counts, not how many social networks your on. At the very least, make yourself a blog and/or website, so that when people are looking for more of your fabulous work, they have a solid starting block for their search. Even if you don’t have any work out in the world yet, a blog is a great way to connect with other writers, create an online presence and practice your writing skills. If you’re interested in learning more about website platforms, this post may interest you.


3. “I love this! It’s totally my style.”

Fashion: A girl with a tomboy style isn’t going to want to buy the sparkly dress. We buy what we want to wear in accordance to our personal style.

Lesson: You buy what you want to wear, so why not write what you want to read. It’s that simple. Think of yourself as an inventor. Inventors usually create something to fulfill a need in their life. Be an inventor and create a literary piece that fills the void in your reading life. If you’re knowledgeable and passionate about you’re work, it will come through in your writing.

What has fashion taught you?


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