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3 Things SATC Taught Me About Writing

The fashion, the R rated bits, and Mr. Big. Can you guess the show?  Sex and the City is one of my favourite comfort shows. The familiarity is soothing and even though I know what’s going to happen next, I can’t turn away. Now that I’ve figured out that  SATC has taught me some great stuff about writing, I have an excuse to I should really rewatch all the seasons!


A shoulder to cry on

SATC: One of the biggest lessons from SATC is the value of friendship. They may piss each other off sometimes, but at the end of the day, Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha are there for each other.

Lesson: Writer friends can be indispensable, especially when the rejections start to roll in. Sure, friends that aren’t writers are a good shoulder to cry on, but there’s just something about someone who’s been there and experienced the same pain that helps you feel better. Some great places to make writer friends are conferences, SCBWI, critique groups and writing forums.



SATC:  It’s always bugged me a bit that Carrie makes all those frivolous buys (mainly shoes) that cost major moula when she lives on a freelance writer’s salary. Add that to the fact that she eats out every day and how often she goes out for drinks, it makes her lifestyle unbelievable. Of course, without those things it just wouldn’t be SATC, however, the portrayal of a writer is greatly skewed.

Lesson: If you surveyed all the published writers in the world, I can guarantee that the majority would say that they weren’t in it to make a truck load of money. Maybe they use it for a little extra income, but most will tell you that they do it for the love of the craft. Having a fire burning inside of you that forces you to write, having characters dancing in your head itching to tell their story or using writing as a creative outlet, these are all sufficient (and common) reasons people write. Sure, there are a million more reasons, but my point is that if you are looking to get rich, you are in the wrong business. It is difficult to make a living as a writer, let alone get rich from it.


“This isn’t the kind of thing I can get over.” Aidan

SATC: Carrie cheated on Aidan with Mr.Big causing the demise of her relationship.

Lesson: Carrie’s relationship ended because she broke a rule, she was unfaithful to Aidan. They say to learn from your mistakes, but this time, let’s learn from someone elses. Follow the rules! Yes, some rules can be broken in writing, but what I’m talking about is submission guidelines. They’re there for a reason so read them and follow them closely. The majority of publishers will take your submission less seriously if you don’t follow their guidelines and some will even trash your manuscript altogether. The road to publication is bumpy enough, why add extra potholes?


What has Sex and the City taught you?


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