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Upcycle Ideas – This Is My Confession

Okay, I admit it. I’m an upcycle junkie! There is just something so satisfying about taking something obsolete and creating funky,  modern decor.  Some of my smaller projects, can be found in my Etsy Shop, The Artistic Bowl,  but here are some of my bigger endeavors.

Note: Not all of them have before pictures

Cupboard Door Storage Box And Storage Cube Table

Before: Cupboard doors

After: A stylish storage box and a storage cube  table

Total Box Upcycle Cost: 35.00

Time For Box: 2.5 Hours

Total Table Upcycle Cost: 70.00

Time for table: 5.5 hours

How it was done: The cupboard doors were assembled using screws and metal brackets, the top was put on with a piano hinge and the lid stays shut due to a magnet. The storage cube table is the same idea, except with a base made from 2 square and 3 rectangular cupboard doors.


Yellow Window Wall Art

Before: 2 drab yellow glass windows.

After: 2 funky pieces of wall art.

Total Upcycle Cost: 20.00

Time: 1.5 Hours

How it was done: The frame was painted with black paint and at the back of the glass. the circles were painted with green, red and white paint.


Sand Textured Dresser And End Table

Before: Plain Dresser and End Table

After: Heavy Textured, Modern Furniture

Total Upcycle Cost: 70.00

Time: 5 hours.

How it was done: First, both the dresser and the end table were sanded down. The end table originally had a door at the bottom, so I took off the door and fit the bottom with a new shelf. To achieve the sandy texture,  I painted a thick layer of paint in  small sections and then sprinkled it with play sand. From there I used a stippling motion on top of the sand with a new layer of paint. After the paint was dry, I then blended in a darker color to give it a multi-tonal feel.


Cupboard Door Headboard

Before: Cupboard Doors

After: A Fun Headboard

Total Upcycle Cost: 35.00

Time: 1.5 hours.

How it was done: Each cupboard door was hung using a flushmount hanger. The measurements have to be precise for each cupboard door to slide in to place.



Before: Outdated Lamp

After: Modern Statement Lamp

Total Upcycle Cost: 15.00

Time: Unknown (Still working on it)

How it was done: A fresh coat of paint.


I hope you enjoyed my projects. Maybe they will inspire you to take on a few of your own!


6 thoughts on “Upcycle Ideas – This Is My Confession

  1. I love upcycling! Although I lean to smaller scale projects. These look great. Very creative. Thanks for sharing the pics with us. It’s always inspiring to see someone else’s creativity at work =)

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