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Keys To Unlock Your Creativity

Words that sit heavy on the tip of the tongue and the biggest frustration of many artistic types… Creative block. Whether you’re trying to write and the words aren’t coming or you’re trying to paint and the only thing you’re drawing is blanks, the frustration is much the same.

I never thought I’d say this, but today I hope to be a plunger. No,  I do not do house calls or wish to go anywhere near your toilet. What I mean is I hope to be able to help you plunge away at some of that artist and writers’ block with these links and activities:

Better Homes And Gardens. With great picture slide shows, it’s the perfect place to find some grease for your creative wheels.

Artists: You might find inspiration in the craft projects or the array of color palettes. There are tons of great tutorials for DIY home décor, gifts, decorations and much much more!

Writers: Here’s an activity. Go though a slide show featuring different rooms and create a character that lives there. Is that picture frame on the end table filled with a picture of their childhood dog? Did they get that really cool vase while travelling the world?

 Mad Libs. Such a simple childhood game, who would have thought they would be great to melt away creative blockages!?

Artists: Alright, so you’re done the Mad Lib and end up with something like, “The blue frog married the purple apple.” Ridiculous? Sure, but start doodling some of the images described in the Mad Lib. Those silly sketches might be just what you need to get you out of your rut.

Writers: Going back to the frog and apple example, try to stem a story off this. Okay, so no one is necessarily going to read a story about a frog marrying an apple, but what if the frog needed glasses and thought it was a beautiful purple frog? There could definitely be something there to get you started on a picture book.

 Wanelo. This site, a lot like Pinterest, is brimming with inspiration that’s waiting for you to stumble upon it!

Artists: Try creating boards with themes like inspirational patterns, color palettes, watercolor, clay etc.

Writers: Create a character board or a setting board. On a character board put your character’s favourite food, where they live, their prized possessions etc. For a setting board pin rooms, houses, landmarks, buildings, décor etc. Basically anything that will help you see where your story takes place.

For more ideas on beating artists’ block, checkout this post.

Happy plunging!


One thought on “Keys To Unlock Your Creativity

  1. pinterest just got so much good response in last one year and getting popular day by day.i also see your another post 10 ways to fight artist block liked a lot good what i say just plunging 🙂

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