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Etsy Superstar: Bindu Designs

It’s always exciting to have a fellow Canadian on the blog, especially one with such an awesome Etsy shop. Today’s Etsy Superstar is Bindhurani Saju (Bindu for short) of Bindu Designs. Bindu Designs has a great collection of handmade crochet pieces and jewelry, everything you need to stay warm and look fabulous this holiday season!

Q: Is there a story behind your shop and/or shop’s name?

A:  I was working as a dental assistant, full-time. I was not happy with the job. As a way to relax, I started doing crochet. Then, I found it is interesting to make scarves. So, made several scarves, then started to give away them as gifts. Then I got some requests for the different colors and yarns of their choices. 

That led to making crocheted jewelry. BeadFX , a bead store, was doing classes on jewelry making. I took few classes. The earrings were a hit with co-workers.. Many of my jewelry were given as gifts. Then friends started buying them for themselves and as gifts. Meantime, I got sick and quit my job for a short time. I was diagnosed with depression. Crochet and jewelry making was the only things I was interested in. I will say, the crochet was pulling me out from my darkness. The money was getting tight and buying supplies for my hobby was almost out of question.

Then some one suggested, I could sell the items I make on Etsy. I thought, I could use the money to buy my supplies and some one can be happy with my crafts. That is why I started Bindu Designs on Etsy.

I was not giving much attention to the store till the spring of 2012. I am working part-time now. I spent a lot of time to create and add things to Bindu Designs.

Q: What’s your favourite item currently for sale?

A: The brown infinity scarf with white flowers and the Green infinity scarf with flowers.: 

Both are my favorite items. The brown infinity scarf is bought by Bethany of Project Whitespace blog.

Q: What’s the best part of having an Etsy shop? The hardest part?

A: I started blogging when I was thinking of selling my items. Also, I was active on Facebook. To learn more about blogging I started reading other blogs and forums. I came to know about many great bloggers. Bethany Lee of Project whitespace has helped me with setting goals. Susan Cooper of is another great motivator. I am in a group of crafty and mom bloggers group on Facebook as well. It is called BloggyGirls club.  Also, I am active in many of the Etsy teams. Because of the shop, I learned a lot about social media and photography.

The hardest part of having a shop is keeping everything organized. I am not an organized person. I guess, my brain is just not wired to be organized. Time management is also tough for me. When you go online, time flies away.

Q: Any new items we can expect to see in your shop in the near future?

A: I will be adding crocheted beanie caps soon. Then thinking of having a section for babies.

Q: What marketing venues / strategies have you found to be most successful?

A: I find that twitter is bringing more views to my listings. Facebook page is another great source.

Q: What are you biggest inspirations?

A: My biggest inspiration is the nature. I like to visit  beautiful places  in Canada. Last summer, we visited some naturally beautiful places in Ontario. Going to down town Toronto is like looking through a kaleidoscope. Canadian fall season will inspire everybody for sure.

Q: What cartoon character do you look like and what cartoon character would you like to look like?

A: I don’t watch cartoons that much. But, I like Sponge Bob.

Q: The best piece of advice anyone ever gave you? The worst?

A: It may be funny that best advice came from my daughter. She is a teenager now. She told me to concentrate on what you have control over. Let go off the things which you cannot control.
I can control the listings on my shop. But I cannot control the sales. She told me to put more effort on the listings and marketing. Then stop worrying about the rest.
The worst: I can’t remember any bad advice.

Q: Where else can you be found online?

A: Facebook:
My blog:

Thank you so much for being here, Bindu!

Bindu has been kind enough to offer all of you fabulous readers 20% off by using the coupon code: LOVEINFINITY. Don’t miss out on all those great holiday gifts!

This is my favorite piece from Bindu Designs. What’s yours?

Lip Balm Cozy For Keychain

16 thoughts on “Etsy Superstar: Bindu Designs

  1. I loved reading this interview and I know Bindu, is a thoughtful and considerate person. However, it was lovely to read about your journey. It’s difficult to chose a favorite item, but I would go with Bindu’s, Burgundy Infinity Scarf.

  2. I also love the Burgundy Infinity scarf. Of course, I would love to have everything in your shop!!
    I can’t wait to see your new caps!

    1. Thanks Dawn. I really appreciate you are adding a comment to the interview post. Sarah asked me thoughtful questions to bring out me. She did an amazing job in picking the nice pictures and linking them to the store also.

  3. The woman in the white scarf always makes me smile…She look exactly like a beautiful woman should look….I guess that makes the white scarf my favorite…

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