Best Chocolate Cake Ever

Happy New Year! My name is Sarah and I am a blog neglecter and Pinterest addict (Follow me here). I would like to think that both problems are related 😉 . Well anyway, while perusing Pinterest, I came across the king of chocolate cakes. Put your stretchy pants on and get ready because this is the best chocolate cake I have…… Continue reading Best Chocolate Cake Ever

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Etsy Superstar: Bindu Designs

It’s always exciting to have a fellow Canadian on the blog, especially one with such an awesome Etsy shop. Today’s Etsy Superstar is Bindhurani Saju (Bindu for short) of Bindu Designs. Bindu Designs has a great collection of handmade crochet pieces and jewelry, everything you need to stay warm and look fabulous this holiday season! Q: Is there a story…… Continue reading Etsy Superstar: Bindu Designs


The Next Big Thing Blog Hop

Katie L. Carroll was here a few months ago telling us all about her adorable kid, “The Boy”, and her fabulous new book Elixir Bound. Well today I have been tagged by her for the Next Big Thing Blog Hop! I can’t guarantee that my answers will be very exciting compared to others, but here it goes!…… Continue reading The Next Big Thing Blog Hop

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Etsy Superstar: Patricia Wood Creations

I am happy to feature a new shop on the Etsy block today, Patricia Wood Creations. Patricia Wood has a fabulous collection of  swarovski crystal jewelry in her shop. A must see! So, without furthur adieu I give you Patricia and a look in to what drives her Etsy shop.       Q: Is there a story behind your…… Continue reading Etsy Superstar: Patricia Wood Creations

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Etsy Superstar: The Eclectic Element

I am very excited to introduce a brand new series, the Etsy Superstar Series! Every week I will be featuring an interview from a different Etsy shop owner.  The shops featured may not have a bajillion sales, but their products are amazing. I am even more excited to be able to introduce the first guest in this series, Kayla Potega,  owner…… Continue reading Etsy Superstar: The Eclectic Element

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Keys To Unlock Your Creativity

Words that sit heavy on the tip of the tongue and the biggest frustration of many artistic types… Creative block. Whether you’re trying to write and the words aren’t coming or you’re trying to paint and the only thing you’re drawing is blanks, the frustration is much the same. I never thought I’d say this,…… Continue reading Keys To Unlock Your Creativity

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Writing Lessons From My One-Year-Old

I am very excited to introduce today’s guest blogger for the Unlikely Teachers Series. I always see her around the Verla Kay Blueboards , so I was thrilled to hear about her upcoming release, ELIXIR BOUND. Please give a warm welcome to Katie L. Carroll!   Thanks for having me on the blog Sarah! Having…… Continue reading Writing Lessons From My One-Year-Old