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NEW Upcycle Project & The Best Of Both Worlds

Okay. Okay. Excuse my cheesy Hannah Montana reference, but I couldn’t resist! Last week I did a post about upcycling and the week before I introduced a new product. Well, today is a little bit of both. (Get it? Best of both worlds!) Introducing the latest upcycle project at The Artistic Bowl…  TAB’s Carpe Diem Ring Collection!…… Continue reading NEW Upcycle Project & The Best Of Both Worlds

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And The Winner Is…

Congratulations to the winner of The Artistic Bowl’s (TABs) Giveaway Contest… darrenswife! I have sent you a tweet through Twitter with instructions on how to redeem your prize. Thank you to everyone that entered. Be sure to stay tuned for other upcoming contests by following my blog by email (Under “Categories” on the sidebar). You…… Continue reading And The Winner Is…

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Upcycle Ideas – This Is My Confession

Okay, I admit it. I’m an upcycle junkie! There is just something so satisfying about taking something obsolete and creating funky,  modern decor.  Some of my smaller projects, can be found in my Etsy Shop, The Artistic Bowl,  but here are some of my bigger endeavors. Note: Not all of them have before pictures Cupboard Door…… Continue reading Upcycle Ideas – This Is My Confession


Giveaway Contest & The Artistic Bowls (TABs) Animal Friends

The contest is closed, but you can buy the prints featured in this contest at my shop, The Artistic Bowl. Use the discount code: CONTEST for 10% off any and all future purchases. FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING on more than 55 items. I am celebrating the addition of The Artistic Bowl’s (TABs) Animal Friends to my Etsy shop by giving away an…… Continue reading Giveaway Contest & The Artistic Bowls (TABs) Animal Friends

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Start Your Novel And Vincent Van Gogh

**WARNING** Extremly short post.   I recently stumbled on to this great site called Start Your Novel. And yes, I was procrastinating again. But hey! In my defence it was semi-productive. Anyway, Start Your Novel is John Magnet Bell’s blog and one of his recent posts, What can Vincent van Gogh teach you about writing?,…… Continue reading Start Your Novel And Vincent Van Gogh


Is Max And Ruby The Worst TV Show?

I spent the majority of last summer with my two nephews, who were 2 and 3 at the time. When I first arrived, I couldn’t understand why they ran around yelling, “Super Max! Super Max”. I quickly learned about my nephews’ love of Max and Ruby, a show about a brother and sister rabbit. In…… Continue reading Is Max And Ruby The Worst TV Show?

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All The Small Things

Raise your hand if the title made you start singing the Blink-182 song. *Raises hand*   All the, small things True care, truth brings I’ll take, one lift Your ride, best trip…   No? Okay, so maybe it’s just me. Getting in to the appreciation of small things, I have to point you toward the…… Continue reading All The Small Things