The Next Big Thing Blog Hop

Katie L. Carroll was here a few months ago telling us all about her adorable kid, “The Boy”, and her fabulous new book Elixir Bound. Well today I have been tagged by her for the Next Big Thing Blog Hop! I can’t guarantee that my answers will be very exciting compared to others, but here it goes!…… Continue reading The Next Big Thing Blog Hop

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Keys To Unlock Your Creativity

Words that sit heavy on the tip of the tongue and the biggest frustration of many artistic types… Creative block. Whether you’re trying to write and the words aren’t coming or you’re trying to paint and the only thing you’re drawing is blanks, the frustration is much the same. I never thought I’d say this,…… Continue reading Keys To Unlock Your Creativity

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Writing Lessons From My One-Year-Old

I am very excited to introduce today’s guest blogger for the Unlikely Teachers Series. I always see her around the Verla Kay Blueboards , so I was thrilled to hear about her upcoming release, ELIXIR BOUND. Please give a warm welcome to Katie L. Carroll!   Thanks for having me on the blog Sarah! Having…… Continue reading Writing Lessons From My One-Year-Old

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Start Your Novel And Vincent Van Gogh

**WARNING** Extremly short post.   I recently stumbled on to this great site called Start Your Novel. And yes, I was procrastinating again. But hey! In my defence it was semi-productive. Anyway, Start Your Novel is John Magnet Bell’s blog and one of his recent posts, What can Vincent van Gogh teach you about writing?,…… Continue reading Start Your Novel And Vincent Van Gogh

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Starting An Etsy Shop And Writing Break Benefits

I had discovered Etsy awhile back and was instantly enthralled by the magnificent array of handmade items. If you don’t know what Etsy is, I can only describe it as an Ebay for arts and crafts, but without the bidding. After a few months of perusing the site on and off, a light bulb went off in my head,…… Continue reading Starting An Etsy Shop And Writing Break Benefits


Finding Out How Your Characters Feel Using An Emotion Journal

As readers, we all know a character’s emotions can make or break a story. Emotions are what connects us as humans and they are also what connects us to fictional characters.  Last week I talked about using The Emotion Thesaurus to find fresh ways for your characters to express their feelings, but what if you have no clue how…… Continue reading Finding Out How Your Characters Feel Using An Emotion Journal


Calling All Hard Workers & Procrastinators

A few months ago, I stumbled upon this great little site that I like to think of as a Workopolis for freelance writers. Even though it’s designed for Canadians, a telecommute option is available for many postings, so it doesn’t matter where you live!  Something that I really like about this site is that the…… Continue reading Calling All Hard Workers & Procrastinators